Farmer’s Markets


In 1935, in the U.S. there were more than 5 million people who claimed farming as their primary occupation. Today there are less than 1 million. Through advances in machinery that can plant and harvest crops on a larger scale, improved pesticides and the ability to transport food longer distances,  we have lost something very valuable in my opinion. The nutrition and flavor that comes from locally grown food.

Farmer’s markets are vital to their communities. Buying from a local market will keep your money close to home. You can meet your neighbors and the local farmers. You will get to know who is growing your food and under what conditions. Fresh, recently picked produce is full of phytonutrients and at it’s peak in flavor. Grocery store produce has been shown to probably have traveled thousands of miles sometimes from other countries and can be as old as 1-2 weeks by the time it hits the store’s shelves. Food quickly loses nutrients once it is picked.

Buying from the local market will help to ensure that there will be farms in your town for future generations to come. You will also reap all the health benefits of eating “home grown” food. Lastly, you will be doing your part to support the environment. By supporting the local farms, farming will be profitable and farmer’s will be less likely to sell their land for development. Please see the info for the local markets in our area and consider spending a Saturday morning shopping at one. You might really enjoy it!



Senior Citizens Activity Center (across from Arby’s on Martha Layne Collins Blvd.)
3504 Alexandria Pike
Highland Heights, Kentucky

3pm to 6pm – May 13 – October 28

Southern Lanes Sports Center
7634 Alexandria Pike
Alexandria, Kentucky

Fridays/3pm to 6pm – May 16 – October 24

709 Monmouth Street
Newport, Kentucky
(next to Pepper Pod Restaurant)
Saturdays/9am to noon – June 7 – October 25