5 Things for which I am Grateful



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So, last week for the Post Workout Rambling Session (abbreviated PWRS from her on out), I talked a little bit about being grateful. That wasn’t the main topic (you can see the video HERE), however, this seemed to be the point that resonated with people the most.


Being grateful seems simple enough, right? I mean, we live in a country of abundance, where most of us have cars, a lot of us have plenty of food, and all of us have a cell phone (yeah….try living without that for a day!). And yet, we are also the most depressed country in the world (check it out)!! I digress, the point is we should appreciate what we have because there is someone much worse off than you right down the road.


With that being said, here is a little of 5 things or people for which I am grateful:


5) Freedom – Seriously, this seems silly, I know. However, try living somewhere in which you cannot make many decisions about your life. Actually, here is a perfect example: do you enjoy the right to bare arms? I imagine if you do, you get rather upset when gun regulation comes up. That is freedom. Don’t take it for granted.


4) Our clients at Thrive Fitness – This one may not seem obvious at first and it may not be for the reason that you are thinking. I am grateful for our clients because, they can make the decision to go wherever they want for their fitness needs, but they trust us. They also allow us to be able to do what we love, help others become better versions of themselves. And finally, our clients make our job fun, with all of the combinations of personalities thrown together, you never know what you’re going to get from day to day. I love that.


3) Free weights – This one is kind of meatheadish of me, I know….but let me explain myself. Without free weights, we would not have the opportunity to push our bodies to other extremes outside of what we can achieve with our own body weight. Free weights can allow us to achieve higher levels athletically and within our own personal fitness goals. They can also make you look good naked…if you’re into that kind of thing.


1b) Family – These last two will be obvious, but are extremely important and often overlooked. We take our families for granted because we see them all of the time and typically consider them to be annoyances more often than not. The fact is, this is your first support system. Without it, you would probably be lost and lonely. Be appreciative of your family and what they offer you and don’t take them for granted. I am not perfect at this, but an working to let them see how much they have helped me develop into the person I am.


1a) My wife – The irony behind our relationships with our spouses is that, although this is supposed to be the person that we love and care for more than any other human on Earth, it is also the person that we treat like crap the easiest. Now, obviously when you’re trying to mesh one personality with another for a lifetime, things will not always be smiles and roses…we are all human afterall. There is a great saying that we so easily see the speck in our neighbor’s eye while we ignore the log in our own. Obviously we are replacing neighbor with spouse in this instance, but the idea is the same.


This is a list of 5 things out of thousands for which I am grateful. Start your own list tomorrow, do it every day, and see how your mindset starts to change.


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