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Hi, I’m Sharon Kuntz.  I am a Personal Trainer at Thrive Fitness in Alexandria, KY.  I graduated from Northern Kentucky University in May of 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  I enjoy being active outdoors, doing anything from walking to playing basketball to canoeing, and everything in between!  I also enjoy reading and learning in my spare time.

My interest in Personal Training started late in my college career.  In my third year of college, I had actually decided that I really wanted to pursue a career in Psychology.  In my fifth year, I decided I really did not want to pursue a career in Psychology, which was a big set back for me.  I continued with my Psychology education  because by this time I already had all of my Psychology classes under my belt besides one.  This is when a co-worker asked what it is I would do if I had to work without getting paid.  My answer was: “Exercise.”  That lit the spark that I needed to determine where my future was heading.

I started weight lifting consistently about one year after I graduated high school, and I committed to a gym membership at Planet Fitness.  I had the “Black card” membership, which allowed me to bring a friend to the gym with  me for free any time.  My friends and family started pointing out that they could see positive results in my body shortly after I started working out consistently, and began to ask me to bring them to the gym with me to show them what I do.  Many people told me I should be a personal trainer, but it was only after the first person told me that when I decided they were right, and that I wanted to become a personal trainer after school.  The only problem was that I almost had a Psychology degree.  I decided to finish out my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, but I began learning everything I could about personal training and I started (slowly) studying the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) textbook.  In the meantime, I was offered a job at Thrive fitness to gain experience before I got my certification.

In May 2015, finished my degree and began (diligently) studying for the NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) exam.  Two long and grueling months later I passed the CPT exam.  Now, I am a proud Certified Personal Trainer at Thrive Fitness.

As I continue my career, I will keep posting pages about my training style, my goals as a Personal Trainer, tips and tools to keep  you healthy and fit, and anything else I think will be helpful to readers, so stay updated!  I also have my contact information available to anyone who may be interested in contacting me personally.

Happy exercising!

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