Good Read for the Week 10/5/2014

Although it may be getting colder outside (pretty drastic change over the last week), we can look at this as more time we can spend making ourselves more knowledgeable with the extra time we are stuck inside. Here are a few articles that have a some good thoughts in them and may give you the answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking: – An article I wrote during the week that helps explain how the body works as a unit, not as individual muscles. – Short read by Mike Boyle, but does a good job of letting you know that doing abs for the sake of getting a 6 pack is, in fact, a huge waste of time. – Interesting article that can help you determine what exactly your carb intake should look like, considering a few factors. – Finally, a little Tim Ferriss. If you’ve never read his book, The 4 Hour Work Week, you really should. It can give you some great tips on saving time and eliminating some things that may simply be getting in your way.

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