Good Reads for the Week 11/2/2012

Yes, it is officially November and we’ve already seen a bit of snow. I don’t think that bodes well for the rest of this Holiday season, although it would be nice to have a white Christmas… long as it’s gone after that! Here are a few articles to get the first week of the new month started. First, check out Thrive’s spotlight of the month, Trent Godby.


Here are a couple of articles we put out this week, both addressing the importance of stretching and mobility work: – The content of this one may not be for everyone, but I like Tony Gentilcore’s writing style and think it’s atleast worth the read for that much. – The labeling of things as Paleo friendly has kind of become outrageuos….sort of like the whole gluten free label. It basically gives you pass on eating junk food if it says gluten free or paleo in front of it…..not to say that I’m not guilty of enjoying some paleo pancakes every once and a while…..anyway, off my sope box. Here’s a good articles to help you understand what Paleo eating is and isn’t.  – Always love anything fromt Tim Ferriss. This is a post linked with a podcast with Tony Robins, good stuff!

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