Good Reads for the Week 1/18/2015

After my morning errands this morning, I was on the way up our stairs carrying about 20 bags on groceries in one hand and a full tank of propane in the other and thought to myself, “I’m glad I’ve been working on my farmer’s carry lately”. Always fun when you see translation of training into the real world.


Anyway, here are some good reads for the week. Hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday afternoon and evening! – It’s a good day when you can put a reference of Stone Cold Steve Austin into an article! This can give you some suggestions on managing stress, which will help with fat loss. – The team at Cressey Performance always has good information to give out. This one is from Greg Robins, covering some strategies about improving your strength. A lot of these can be transferred into other parts of your life also. – Here’s a cool infographic from Precision Nutrition. A little break down on how to fill the nutrient gaps in you diet.











For anybody interested in what makes a good basketball player, what makes a good sprinter, what makes a long distance runner or what makes a good sled dog, this is the book you want. It’s packed with great information with a great writing style from David Epstein.

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