Good Reads for the Week 12/07/2014

Well, we gave you a little reprieve from our good reads for a couple weeks but we’re back. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that everyone’s cortisol levels are staying down while Christmas creeps up on us. Hopefully some of these articles can occupy your mind for a while so that it gets a break from the chaos: – A little follow up to an article we posted at the beginning of the year. It’s good to take it easy sometimes. – PN always offers up great articles and this one is no exception. A bit about understanding what it takes to achieve your fitness and health goals. – I’ve written a couple of articles regarding my opinion on bilateral vs unilateral leg exercises ( and Here is a good one by Ben Bruno that will also give you some good insight one unilateral leg work. – Great article by Tai Lopez covering his book of the day Folks this ain’t Right.

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