Good Reads for the Week 12/15/2014

Well, it’s the week before Christmas, so I can only assume most of us are running around like free-range chickens with our heads cut off. Here are a few good articles to help take your mind off the chaos: – I realize that sometimes it seems impossible to ever do a pushup, but all you really have to do is progress it correctly. – You can always count on Eric Cressey to give some good information about mobility work. By the way, make sure you’re doing mobility work, you don’t want to walk with a walker when you’re 70 right? – A little food for thought about low-fat dairy as we go into this Christmas season. – Quick thought from Seth Godin about Obedience. Although Seth Godin’s writing mostly involves business marketing, he is certainly still one to follow for great career pick-me-ups.

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