Good Reads for the Week 9/21/14


As you sit down today to what a little football, hoping that quarterback on your fantasy team has a good game (even though he’s on your favorite team’s rival…….silly fantasy football, that’s another story), here are a couple of good articles to get you through those long commercial breaks. – This is part one of two parts (part two is the nest article, in case that wasn’t obvious). Although these articles are written by a strength coach, I think their lessons and the advice given can be adopted in many scenarios. – Good article that can help you understand why some people can eat loads of carbs and not gain a pound while others can walk by an ice cream shop and put on 2 pounds. – This one is actually a bit long, but if you take the time to get through it, the content is very interesting and may help give you a couple of ideas on how to destress.

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