How to Get an Effective Home Workout in Less Than 30 Minutes

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the abundance of options available to us when it comes to exercise. If you missed the previous 2 articles related to this topic, you can check them out HERE and HERE.


With the Holidays coming up, many people will struggle to find time to get to the gym for a workout (I’ll talk more about this in a later article). So the option of working out from home can be very appealing during this time of year.


The problem is, most of the options you have available to you for home workouts are expensive. A quality treadmill is going to cost you a thousand dollars, a recumbent bike might be $500 and P90X or Insanity will be a couple hundred dollars before you actually buy any equipment they might want you to utilize.


Now, I could sit here and tell you that I can give you a great bodyweight program that will give you awesome results, and that would be the truth. This would actually be a great starting point for many people out there looking to get into fitness. For others that may want to take their home workouts to another level without breaking the bank, you just need one piece of equipment: a kettlebell.


Are You One of Those Crazy Kettlebell Guys?!


I am no kettlebell guru. I don’t have a special kettlebell certification and I don’t believe you should live and die by the kettlebell. As a matter of fact, up until the last  3 years or so, I was pretty resistant to them (mostly stubbornness, but I’ve grown up since then). But the kettlebell is extremely versatile and can offer a ton of benefit without having to do all the crazy kettlebell things you may see or hear of.


Below I’ve laid out 2 groups of exercise that require only your bodyweight and a kettlebell. You’ll see Group A and Group B. These groups are called supersets. Basically that means that the exercises in each group should be done one after another in succession for a set to be complete. For instance, if we have pushups, squats and planks in Group A, you would do a set of pushups, a set of squats, a plank and rest. That is one set. Then you would repeat that for 2 more sets.


What Weight Should I Use?


Before we get started, let’s talk about weight. No, not YOUR weight or the weight you want to lose (although we can certainly talk about that later). Let’s talk about the weight of your kettlebell. This will depend on training age and gender. If you’ve done resistance training at least 2 days a week for the last  3 months, use these weights:

MALE: 20kg or 44lbs        FEMALE: 12KG or 26lbs


If you haven’t lifted a weight any time in the recent past, use these weights:

FEMALE: 8KG or 18LBS   MALE: 16KG or 35lbs


These are great starting weights for those who fit into each category. If you’re just getting started, you should outgrow this weight pretty quickly. Otherwise, if you’ve used resistance training for a while, this weight should sustain you for a good amount of time.


Now to the good stuff. Let’s start at the top with Group A:


Group A (Repeat 3 times)

A1. Kettlebell Swing for 12 Repetitions


A2. Pushup or Knee Pushup for 10 Repetitions


A3. Deadbug with Static Hold for 5 Repetitions on each side



Group B (Repeat 3 Times)

B1. Split Squats for 8 Repetitions on each side


B2. Kettbell Row for 8 Repetitions on each side


B3. Waiter Carry for 20 seconds on each side


Remember, perform one exercise after another until you get to the end of the group, then rest for 30-60 seconds, depending on how high your heart rate is. Focus on your form and make sure to establish quality movement before you decide to go up in weight. This workout shouldn’t take any long than 30 minutes and you’ll burn an abundance of calories in the process.

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