How to Get Started With Your Fitness Journey

The loss of vitality and health can be an insidious process. As children, we were full of energy and rarely stopped moving. We ate when we were hungry and slept when we were tired. We did what our bodies told us to do and then we became grown ups. Statistics show that the average person puts on 1-2 pounds per year from early adulthood through middle age. This occurs mainly because of lifestyle changes that transpire during the same timeframe. We leave school where we may have been involved in athletics. We begin careers that are demanding and result in less time to exercise or prepare meals at home. We resort to convenience foods that are often nutrient deficient and calorie dense on top of becoming sedentary. Next, add in marriage and family pressures to the mix. Time becomes scarce and valuable. Any extra time is spent working or with family not at the gym. If we could see the 50-year-old version of ourselves while we are in our 20’s things might be different. Instead we find ourselves overweight with less mobility and inflamed from our lifestyle choices. We know we need to change but often are confused about how to begin. Most commonly, it goes two ways. We change too many things at once or we change nothing because of indecision.


I want to share an example of making too many changes. Recently my son, who is in his late 20’s, decided he needed to lose weight that he had gained after college. He joined a gym close to his home and started a nutrition program given to him. He was counting calories, entering them into an app and monitored macronutrient percentages. He also started working out 5 days a week. Five big changes at once! I thought to myself this won’ t last and gently tried to lend a helping hand but I am only Mom. The fact of the matter is that a mostly sedentary person with a demanding job can’t stick with exercising 5 days a week, change their diet, count everything they eat and worry about macro percentages. Did he lose weight-yes, but after about 5 months he hated it. He admitted he couldn’t stand it anymore. He specifically mentioned that counting calories, eating the same things and worrying about hitting certain macro percentages was the too time consuming. Luckily, he took my advice and simplified.


There are many ways to make small changes so let’s get started. First pick something that you feel you can easily do consistently. Here are some ideas.


  1. Take the stairs at work. If you can’t do all of them then just do 2 flights at first and build up from there. This will add up!


  1. Walk your dog everyday for 30 minutes or walk with a friend. Both are accountability partners.


  1. Prep your lunches on Sunday for the week. You will save money and cut back on your processed food intake without even realizing it.


  1. Have a vegetable with each meal. The fiber they provide will help fill you and keep you satisfied for longer.


  1. Play with your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews. You will be bonding and making memories so it a win-win.


Once you become more physically active and eating better, energy improves and you feel better. Don’t think too hard about it and don’t be paralyzed by indecision. Pick something and be consistent. If you fail after the first week, take the change and make it smaller. Walk 1 flight of steps instead of 2. When you get stuck, hire a knowledgeable coach who can guide you.  Small changes will build success and big changes will set you up for failure. Sustainable change is not the quick fix we want it to be, but a string of small changes added up to create success.


If you’re not involved with something that is improving your life and are ready to make a change in your health and vitality, start by setting up your Vitality Strategy Session! Our Pack is here to support you on your journey.

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Treves Janszen

Treves Janszen

Nutrition Coach at Thrive Fitness
Treves is a Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. She has been involved with fitness & nutrition for almost 10 years. Along with being a Nutrition Coach, Treves has 30+ years of healthcare experience as a Registered Nurse. In her spare time, Treves like to read, cook and lay by the pool (when it's sunny, of course!).
Treves Janszen