Making a Strength & Conditioning Graduate Assistant Part 2


In part 2 of the Strength & Conditioning GA series, Brandon gave me a list that he called the Top Ten Moments of a Graduate Assistant. I can relate to a lot of this stuff having my own business and knowing that it’s pretty much all on my shoulders. But when you love doing something so much it’s hard to complain too much, even when it seems overwhelming.


Top Ten Moments of a Graduate Assistant


1. 6:00 am workouts 5 days/week on top of the remaining workouts throughout the day (average workouts a day 7)


2. Individual workouts with student athletes


3. Setting up and tearing down the weight room


4. Clean the weight room daily and weekly


5. Building equipment and being creative in the weight room


6. Talking to the other strength coaches as much possible to gain knowledge on everything.


7 . Reading and studying for not only school but certifications.


8 . Learning to get things done on your own and not trusting anyone to get the job done.


9. Networking all the time


10. Programming weeks ahead of time.


The one thing in here I’m happy I don’t have to do anymore is study for test and certs. I can’t tell you how many nightmares I still have about taking exams, especially essay tests…yikes! I want to thank Coach Lee for taking the time to put these  posts together. You can expect more posts from Brandon in the future but if you have any questions for him feel free to contact him on Facebook. On a side note, today I start dry land training for the Covington Catholic High School Swim Team (sorry Bluebirds) who has placed 4th in state in 2010, 3rd in 2011, and 2nd in 2012. We’re trying to keep that trend moving up with a very talented group of guys. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I hope everyone has a great week!



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