More than Being Big

I have to thank my sister for inspiration on the topic of this post. I was running on the treadmill the other day (no, I wasn’t running miles, I was doing 60 second intervals). In the summer I go up to the track and run sprints but I’m not a fan of the the cold, basically anything under 60 degrees, so my options were limited. Anyway, when I got off she looked at me funny and asked why I was running. Logical question considering I haven’t done it in a while. So I told her I was starting to train for the Bluegrass Games this summer. After a little jabbing back and forth she couldn’t understand why I would want to train for something that didn’t involve trying to be the next Ronnie Mr O Ronnie ColemanColeman.


You see, my sister and her husband have a one track mind when it comes to training…..get BIG!! Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t long ago when I was in the same boat. I lifted strictly for hypertrophy, I bulked up in the winter and leaned out in the summer, I had chest day, back day, arm day, shoulder day and leg day (usually twice a week) and I hurt all the time. I think that there’s a place for hypertrophy training in everybody’s routine, but there is more to resistance training then chest day and arm day. Resistance training helps you get stronger, it helps you get faster, it lets you bend over and pick your grand kids up when you’re 70 years old, it helps with your blood pressure issues, it lets you hit the ball farther, it can help you live pain free instead of full of pain, it can make it easier to get in and out of your car…..there are uncountable amounts of benefits that can be gained from resistance training. Don’t get stuck thinking that the only option you have is shoulder day and back day.





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