My Story Part 2

For those of you who didn’t get to read Part 1 of this post (or forgot the particulars) you can catch up on the details HERE. Enjoy!


The second part of my story begins in the late summer of 2010.   I had maintained my 100 pound weight loss  for three years.  I was still  training twice a week with a trainer and my diet consisted of lean protein, limited carbohydrates and little to no fat.   Although I was very happy with my achievement, I was disappointed that I was stuck where I was—just skinny.  I was  becoming afraid to ever have a cheat meal for the weight would come right back.     I didn’t think I was ever going to get to that “filling back out stage” that I was promised.


A group of our friends were planning vacation for the following summer.   We thought it would be a great idea to have a    “Biggest Loser” contest to get in shape over the fall and winter.   We all joined Body Dynamics Gym.   Now I knew that I wasn’t going to win a contest but this fell right into line with what my trainer had been encouraging me to do which was to add  cardio to my routine. He told me when I leaned down  more then I would get that look I so desired.   I dutifully got up every off day morning and was at the gym at 5am to do my cardio for 20 minutes.   Well guess what?   That got old real fast when I didn’t see any results after a couple of months. Plus this was more trouble than it was worth.   I was growing discouraged and really starting to doubt my program and trainer.   I knew this meant trouble for me.   Afraid I would fall off the wagon I approached Jerry and asked him to create a workout for me to do on my own.   Little did I know at the time, I had just met the second person who would change my life for the better.

After a brief discussion about my current plan and the goal I had in mind he spoke the words I had been waiting to hear for a long time. You need to put on muscle not lean down.   Aha-finally!    I started taking his functional training class.   It was more fun than working out alone and a great place for me to “pick his brain”.    I was able to ask questions of him where my other trainer was not very willing to share his knowledge.    Jerry willingly answered all my questions and explained exercises to me.     We talked about my nutrition.


Over time, one thing lead to another and I did something I never saw myself doing.   I switched programs and trainers.   I was taking a huge chance but haven’t looked back since.   The two programs are completely different.   Number one– I finally was encouraged to eat!  I have learned how  nutrition impacts your body and your  workouts.  I was never going to build muscle eating the way I was.   The old program was high reps/low weights high intensity for 20 minutes.  That usually meant feeling sick and weak by the end barely able to walk to a chair. Yes to the point of throwing up. Jerry’s program works on strength, flexibility and hypertrophy.  Although his workouts are difficult I don’t feel like Jerry  is trying to kill me. People have  told me I can’t believe you smile while you workout.     I thought I was pretty strong starting  his program until I had to do unilateral exercises.   Those clearly brought out my weaknesses rather quickly.   People tell me now that I look better today than I did two years ago when I started on his program.    What is most important is that I feel better and  I am in the best shape of my life right now.

Our bodies are wonderful creations and we are only given one. Some parts can be replaced at a high price but they never work as well as the originals.   Other parts cannot be replaced once damaged. If you find yourself in an unhealthy place  like I did  take the  steps necessary to make a change.   It’s never too late.   Find that someone who will share their knowledge, encourage you and progress you along in your journey to health and wellness.

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