New Year’s Resolutions are a Joke



OK, so maybe that is a strong way to put it. Obviously any time someone makes a New Year’s resolution, they make it with the best of intentions….why else would you make one? And 9 times out of 10 the resolution has to do with your health, whether you want to quit smoking, quit drinking, start eating healthier, cut back on soda, start bike riding, go on more walks, get your cholesterol under control….generally speaking, most resolutions are about health or fitness. So, if someone is making a resolution to be make themselves healthier, improve there quality of life, allow themselves to feel better physically and emotionally, then why, 9 times out of 10, do they fail to stick to it? Here are a couple of suggestions.


Any time you plan on making a lifestyle change, it’s a big deal. Change is hard, especially for creatures of habit… humans. So when you want to make a change it’s a lot harder to do on your own. Sure, everyone wants to say “I’m going to do this my way” but if you don’t even know the right steps to take, then your way may not cut it. Make it easier on yourself. Let people know what you want to accomplish. If you want to quite smoking, tell everybody you see about. Here’s the deal, the more people that know about your goal the better because any time one of those people sees you they’ll ask you how it’s going. If you’re out and someone is offering you a cig, your friend will reolutionssay “aren’t you trying to quit smoking?” At that point you don’t want to let them down.


Getting in shape can be a hard one too. Figuring out what steps to take to get yourself moving in the right direction can take time and energy. Save yourself the stress and find someone to help you. You have a job, might have kids and a significant other, so the last thing you need is to try and take on the process of learning what foods you need to be eating, how often you should eat them, should you resistance train, should you run, should you do 3 or 4 sets, how many reps, what about P90X, isn’t yoga good, low fat or low sugar…… takes a lot of time and energy to put it all together. Find someone who knows it and get them to help you. I promise, it will help.


I hope that everyone made a New Year’s resolution. Now take the step to get there. Dan John once said,”The goal is the goal….so make the goal the goal”. Anything you use to get there is just supplemental.

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