I’m happy that you decided to take a step forward in helping us grow our Pack. This is vitally important as we prepare to open the next chapter of our story. We want to have the opportunity to help more people, but not just anybody.


We have built a strong community of like-minded members who want to work hard, have fun and build vitality through their relationships. And we know that, since we tend to hang with other like-minded people, you know more people who can benefit from being a part of our Pack.


We want to give them the opportunity to try our services at no-risk and no-obligation. We think it’s only right to help them see how we can impact their lives the way we’ve impacted yours. Here’s the process:


#1) Give us the contact information of 3 like-minded people who you believe can benefit from being a part of our Pack. You can provide an address, an email, or both. Let them know that we’ll be contacting them.


 #2) We’ll send them a letter or email with the opportunity to try 2 classes OR a semi-private training session on us.


 #3) For every 3 potential members you give us, we’ll give you a $20 voucher to use towards any TF product or membership of your choice. The only rule is that the person must be like-minded and be able to benefit from our Pack. 


Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll do the rest. Remember, you can provide their address or email or both.