Single-leg Exercise Ball Leg Curl

OK, this post will cover the Single-leg Exercise Ball Leg Curl….yes, it’s kind of a mouth full. This is a posterior chain exercise, focusing primarily on the hamstrings and glutes.



This version is a progression from the regular exercise ball leg curl, which is done with both feet on the ball. Lying in a supine position, place one leg on the exercise ball with the other leg free. Here I have my off leg pointing to the sky which makes the move easier because of hip stability, the lower that leg comes to the ground, the harder it becomes to stabilize your hips. Once in this position try to tuck your heel into your butt while lifting your hips off the ground, keeping them in line with the knee that is on the medicine ball and your shoulders. Squeeze at the top to get a good contraction and slowly lower yourself to the start position in a controlled manner.


The key to this exercise is the hip lift. If your hips stay towards the ground and all you do is curl your heels into your butt you lose most of the benefit that is meant to come from this movement. Keep yourself under control so there is very little side to side movement. If you have any questions let me know, otherwise good luck! I hope every has a great day!

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