Skater Squats: Single Leg Alternative

So, welcome back to the blog. Sorry for the long layoff….slacked off a little bit but we’re back and ready for more. Previously we talked about some single leg squatting variations, some of which included RFE squats and Single Leg Goblet Squats. Here is another alternative that I wanted to share called the skater squat.




You can start these with dumbbells in both hands to use as a counter balance. Increase the weight as you get stronger and eventually you will need to add another form of external weight, which a weight vest is great to use here. This is a very good hip dominant exercise for glute development. It’s sort of like a squat/deadlift hybrid given the biomechanics of the movement. Remember, always keep your back flat with your shoulders upright and chest tall. Work through the other single leg progressions before you try this one to ensure that your unilateral leg strength is up to par.


I have a couple other posts in the works, which include some information on supersets, HIT training and the Lizard Brain…..intrigued? Check back at the end of the week. In the mean time keep the questions coming!

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