Step Back Lunge

We haven’t reviewed a new exercise in a while so I thought it would be a good time to introduce one of my new favorite lower body movements. Lunges are done in many different variations, but the step back lunge is one that requires not only strength, but stability, coordination and muscular endurance. When performed correctly, this lunge variation will target your hamstrings, quads and hip extensors.



I like performing the exercise with the weight on the anterior of the body, whether that be with a barbell in the front squat position or a dumbbell/kettlebell in a goblet squat position, position it forces you to stay in an upright position and requires the anterior core muscles to stabilize more of the weight as opposed to stressing the lumbar spine with the weight on the posterior shoulders. The movement begins with one foot on the floor and the opposite foot being your step back foot. As you step back be sure to keep your shoulders up and your core tight. Once your back foot hits, drop your hips until your front knee is at approximately 90 degrees, drive your front foot into the ground with your shoulders to the sky until you return to an upright position. I like to repeat reps on the same leg for strength training and alternating legs for more of an endurance workout.


This is a great exercise, whether you’re looking to develop the musculature in your legs or wanting to build strength to help improve your speed and agility. Remember, this exercise should be used as a progression from split squat or rear foot elevated squat, where both feet are constantly supported by some object. If you have any questions regarding this exercise or any other exercise send me an email at or simply leave a comment if you have some thoughts. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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