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Thrive Fitness Becomes Thriveology!!

Our journey as a Pack over the last couple of years has been wonderful. We started off as one person training a few people in another fitness center. Then, we moved into our own space in June of 2014 and became Thrive Fitness as our membership grew and the community got bigger. Also, in 2017, after only being open for 3 years, we had the privilege of being named The Best in NKY in Personal Training. Now, as we evolve as business, we are changing our name and moving into an even bigger building to help facilitate the growth of our Pack.

Our name change comes as a result of use believing that it takes more to achieving vitality than working out. Yes, exercise is the foundation for which your health and vitality should be built on. But you need more than that. You need to eat better, sleep better, stress less, and move more. And our job is to teach you how to do that on an ongoing basis.


As for our new facility, we have not released our move in date yet. Our move in date will likely be some time in early September, with our Grand Opening Event being in mid-October. We want to make sure that our current members as well as our future members have the greatest experience they can as we move forward, so we’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that this transition goes as smooth as possible. Due to demand and wanting to make this a wonderful experience for all, we are limiting the amount of sign ups we have between the move-in date and the grand opening.


To keep informed of when we will be moving so that you can have the opportunity to become a part of our community and get in on the results before everybody else, sign up below for weekly updates!


Oh, And You Also Get This Stuff…


Improving your health and vitality can seem like a never ending battle. With all of the different fitness programs and supplement lines and trendy diets available to you these days, it’s hard to understand which one is best for you and which one will get you the results you’re looking for. 


Instead of trying to sift through the pages and videos and advertisements to understand which program is the right path, we want to give you the power to understand what is actually going to work FOR YOU!

What is Going to Truly Help You Achieve Ultimate Vitality?!


And to get this answer, first you have to become knowledgeable about what’s available, what you truly want, how much work it’s going to take, and what vitality really is!


We want to give you that opportunity to become knowledgeable and then figure out how to execute on that knowledge.


Knowledge is NOT Power. Knowledge is POTENTIAL Power. Execution Beats Knowledge Every Day!    -Tony Robbins


Sign up and receive a weekly dose of potential power that will empower you to execute and achieve the goals you want to achieve. By signing up, not only will get your copy  Ultimate Vitality Weekly, you’ll also get the Recipe of the Week sent to you every Thursday. Having new and improved recipes is imperative to help build sustainable nutrition. We all like variety after all!


Oh, and you’ll also get your copy of our E-Book, written by Jerry 

Scarlato, How to Enhance Your Lifestyle and Get Better Everyday


This E-Book will give you 7 habits that will help enhance your lifestyle and get you closer to achieving your vitality.


Just to recap. By signing up, you’ll receive:

Empower yourself to make the decisions that will work best for you and your goals. Only then will you become successful and achieving you health and wellness.

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