Supine Weighted Hip Bridge

Today I want to show you another hip bridging variation. A couple of weeks ago I put up the single-leg hip bridge variation, which is a great exercise for those of you that have developed a good amount of hip stability. This bilateral version is a good starting point.



Supine bridging is great for developing the glutes. When used correctly, this variation in particular can teach you how to properly fire the glutes as  most people slowly lose glute function, mostly because of sitting constantly. When first starting off, I wouldn’t recommend going straight to using barbell for weight, it can cause some pain and bruising to your hips if they’re not use to the placement of the barbell. Start off with a kettlebell placed right on your belly button or a plate if that’s not available. For beginners I like to start with the feet and knees together and typically shoulders on the ground. As the weights get heavier I slowly progress them to a wider stance, about hip width, and elevate the shoulders for a better range of motion. Remember to keep your feet flat and drive through your heels.


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