The 1 thing You need to know to be Successful

secretThere are a lot of factors that go into having success in the gym. So many that it can really be overwhelming. Just look at one example, program design. What type of program you choose to employ in your training regimen will play a factor in your success. Is it Zumba? Or Pilates? Crossfit? Just running maybe? How about 5 sets of 5? Or maybe the Weindler method? Okay, obviously what you choose will depend on your goal, but you get the point. Program choice alone has A LOT of choices!


So, with all of the factors that can make or break you, it would be great to know the 1 thing you need to focus on to have long term success, right? This way, all of the other factors don’t bog you down into paralysis by analysis. I will warn you, though. This is something your trainer doesn’t want you to know. This factor alone may open your eyes and have you sprinting towards success. At the same time, it’s right in front of your face. We just choose to ignore it because it much be too simple. But often, it’s the simple things that will get us the furthest.


Okay, I guess you’re ready to know. What is the 1 factor that will lead to long term, indefinite success in your health and fitness goals?!




Yup, showing up.


Ask someone who just got started working out what the hardest thing is about going to the gym. They’ll tell you showing up 90% of the time. Anybody who has worked out for a period of time takes this for granted. Your mind is so set on having killer workouts each time you go to the gym. The one time that you have an “off” workout, you deem yourself a failure. But here’s the thing, there are no “off” workouts. There’s just training.


Or maybe you just got started. Every day, you go into the gym, play on some machines then get on the treadmill for half an hour. After about 6 weeks you decide you’re wasting your time because you keep doing the same thing, over and over. After all, you have to have muscle confusion to lose weight, right? NOPE! If only our muscles could get confused, then maybe that would work.


If you showed up to the gym, you’re already more successful than 90% of the people in America. Yup, 90%. That means 10% of American’s go to the gym regularly. Don’t you feel better being part of the 10% who show up, rather than the 90% who don’t try at all?! 


Give yourself a break and be proud that you showed today!

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