The Fit Fad Fallacy



With all of the different avenues we have today to achieve our health and wellness goals, it would seem that health issues around the world would be decreasing. After all, we have 7 day cleanses, detox products out the wazoo, P90X, Insanity, Zumba, juicing rituals, the shake weight (one of my favorites), the grapefruit diet (another favorite), the Special K diet, body wrapping, surf board classes, spinning, pole dancing (the fitness class, not the career), the Atkins diet…seriously, the list is ENDLESS!! So it would seem that, with abundant options comes abundant success. Today we are going to look at why this is the exact OPPOSITE and a couple of ways to build success into your health and wellness path.


Understanding why having so many options leads to overall failure is step one in the process of true health. There are a few of main reasons, and we’re going to tackle those right now:


  1. Paralysis by Analysis


Having too many choices is mostly an issue of our American society. You would think that having more choices would lead to better quality decisions. The issue is that, because of all the choices we have, we analyze every option down to the last calorie or exercise. Typically, in the end, we end up not making a decision. And when we do make one, we aren’t happy with it, because we know there are so many other options we could have made.


2. Built for the Short Run


Most, not all, but MOST of the products you see on TV, Facebook, Instagram or in magazines are built for the short run. Short term success is a gold mine for companies with quick product turnover. Why put in the work with proper nutrition and exercise when you can wrap yourself in saran wrap? Products built for short term results will not give you a lifetime of health and wellness.


3. Commitment Issues


Men are always ragged on for having commitment issues or cold feet in the relationship world. However, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, ALL of us have commitment issues. When the Atkins diet doesn’t drop the 30lbs you want to drop in 2 weeks, you jump to the “Fat Incinerator 4000” pills. It didn’t take 2 weeks to get out of shape, so it’s not going to take 2 weeks to get in shape!


If I haven’t completely depressed you about your chances of reaching your goals yet, I want to show you how to reverse these issues. Sometimes we overlook the simple things and jump straight to the complex. We start eating Gluten free because it’s healthy for us but still drink 5 Sodas a day. Most of the time, we need to overcome the obvious before tackling the ambiguous:


  1. Limit Your Choices


Instead of worrying about making the perfect choice from 100 choices, make a choice between 3 choices. Don’t search for every option available or change your mind every time you see a new diet in a magazine. Half the battle is making ONE CHOICE and STICKING with that choice!


2. Built for the Long Run


Like most products and fads are built for the short run, systems are built for the long run. Building systems means placing actionable things into your everyday life to develop success over time. Health is not a sprint. If you treat it as such, it could end up in tragedy and heartache. Figure out what works best for YOU and make it a habit. Once it’s a habit and part of your routine, your system is stronger and driving towards success!


3. Stay Committed


Once you’ve picked a path to go down, stay the path. Remember, the goal is the goal, so keep the goal the goal! It may not be the perfect system for you, but you don’t know that if you bail in 2 weeks. If you decide to try Zumba to help you lose weight, embrace your decision and stick with it for 6 weeks minimum. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, maybe you have to add something in. Success is not driven by bouncing from one idea to the next. Success is driven by building sustainable habits over the long run.


As you may have noticed, the issues covered above are not only relatable to nutrition and fitness, but also to everyday life. Take the time to evaluate the decisions you make in life and decide if they’re built for the long run, or if you’re constantly putting out fires. Keep your choices limited and stay committed and you may see things move in a different direction over time.

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