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Everybody knows that when it comes to leg and hip development, squat and deadlift variations are king. They recruit an abundance of muscle fibers and build strength and power better than almost any other movement. But when it comes to the glutes, some times they need a little one-on-one time to make sure they are functioning correctly. We’ll cover a couple of exercises that will help get that butt ready for swimsuit season and get those glute muscles moving the way they should.


Your butt is actually more than just something that holds your pants up for you and looking good in a bathing suit. There are 3 muscles that make up the gluteals: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Each one has many functions from helping to stabilize the hips during walking to assisting in getting out of a chair. We’ll cover a couple exercises that will help make these functions easier….and might even help it stick out of that bathing suit better.


A simple glute exercise which can be used as a great warmup movement or can be implemented into a training program is the X-band walk. This exercise primarily hits the glute medius and glute minimus because there main


functions are to help abduct the hip. To perform this movement, you need a resistance band which is placed under the feet and held in front of the body in an “X” position. Once in this position, you simply need to abduct your hip, pulling your legs away from midline one at a time in a sideways walking motion. Most people are generally pretty weak in this movement so start with the resistance pretty low.


My favorite glute exercise, which is also one of my favorite leg exercises, is the supine hip bridge. There are a couple of different variations of this movement, but we’ll cover the double leg variation. With your shoulders elevated on a bench and feet flat on the floor, drive your feet through the ground and hips to the sky. This exercise is primarily used to develop your glute maximus.

This is the ultimate butt builder. Since the glute max is the biggest muscle in the gluteal muscle group, performing this exercise specifically will get your butt looking better quicker and functioning properly. Yes, functioning properly. You see, a lot of people live sedentary lives, whether your job is sitting at a desk all day or you spend most your time on the couch in front of the television, your glute function decreases. You know the saying “if you don’t use it you lose it”…..well, that can pertain to muscle function, except you never use it completely obviously. Keep your glutes working and you’ll keep your back happy.


This is just an overview of some great glute exercises. Implement these into your workout routine and watch that butt firm up quickly. Leave a comment if you have any other questions regarding glute exercises or any other questions that may be running through your mind.

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