The Morning Workout Warrior

Finding time to fit in your workout when you’re trying to run your life can be cumbersome for some of us. Most of us have a lot going on, which means the workout gets put on the back burner. Things such as:


The list could go on and on.  So fitting something in in the morning seems logical (although, I’ve been through 6AM workouts for football and pretty sure that has scarred me for life).


First things first, busting out crunches and situps first thing in the morning (I mean first thing…, immediately when you roll out of bed) is not very conducive to spinal health.  After sleeping for 6-8 spinehours (10-12 for teenagers……the good ol’ days), your spine decompresses and collects water, increasing annular tension within the discs themselves. So stay away from anything that involves bending, crunching, picking up, putting down for the first 30 minutes you’re out of bed.


Walking = Good


Deadlifting = Bad


Once you’ve say around and had your cup of coffee, something kick is going to suit you best. This is when supersets come in handy. Here’s a good circuit that you can get done in 30 minutes or less:


A1: Kettlebell Swing                     3 x 10

A2: Pushups                                         3 x AMRAP


B1: Goblet Stepback Lunge     3 x 10 each leg

B2: Kettlebell Rows                       3 x 10 each arm


C1: Core work

C2: Shower


Simple yet effective. Never underestimate simplicity. More is not always better after all.





This is typically the ultimate question when talking about morning workouts. And the ultimate answer is……it depends. By now you’ve heard of intermittent fasting. If not, it’s fasting intermittently….you like how I did that? Males seem to show the greatest response to IF, coconutmilkso not eating before your morning workout is a choice for men. Women, on the other hand, don’t fair as well. Stick with something quick. My go to quick breakfast is 1 serving of coconut milk (the REAL stuff, not silk) and 1 heaping scoop of protein powder….your choice of flavor.


You can always find time to get your workout in, sometimes it just requires getting up earlier (which requires going to bed earlier, which requires less TV…….sad I know). Remember, you only get one time at bat, so make it good!

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