Top 5 Books of 2013

Since everyone is doing their variation of the “Top whatever of 2013” I felt compelled to contribute my own. I am not a fiction book reader so this list will not be sexy in any way (sorry, no Shades of Grey on this list). This is a list of books that effected my life, business, training philosophy or mind set in some way. I’ll try my best to put them in order, but I can’t say that there is a particular order I would put them in….they are equally impactful:



5)  nevereatalone


Networking is important in any business and for anybody who wants to climb the corporate ladder (atleast networking will make this easier). This book will teach you the essentials of networking and how to keep track of all the people you meet along the way.




4)  firstthingsfirst



Admittedly, being organized has never been one of my strong points. I was never the person that loses their car keys any time they set them down (my wife) but I knew that, with a little time and effort, I could make my life a lot of efficient. First Things First helped put things into perspective and gave me some tools that made it easy for me to keep myself and my business organized.




3)  linchpin



Linchpin is one of 4 books that I read by Seth Godin this year, and since I figured that it didn’t make a lot of since to make a list full of Seth Godin books, I went ahead and picked out the one that was most influential to me. After I read this book is when my business went from mediocre to good. I’ve still yet to make the jump from good to great. Linchpin will teach you that, if you want to people to seek you out, if you want your job to beg for you to stay, you have to become indispensable.




2)  neverletgo



Last year I had the privilege of driving Dan John from Cincinnati to Indianapolis (I wrote about it HERE). I can only assume that the majority of you don’t know who Dan John is, unless you’re an avid weightlifter or discus thrower. His fitness material is priceless, whether you’re an olympic lifter, bodybuilder or just plain old gym rat, you can get great information from any of his books. More importantly, his outlook on life and his overall personality makes his material useful for any one.




1)  howtowinfriends



This book was going to be number one on the list regardless. These other books are fantastic and I strongly recommend all of them, but if you had to pick one…or you’re just lazy and don’t like to read a lot…this is the one you want. How to Win Friends and Influence People helped change, for the better, the way I communicate with others. If you deal with people on a regular basis (I think that includes everybody) then this book is for you





CrushIT     4hww_cover



I’m going to lump these two books together for one important reason. Doing what you love is important and I believe the majority of us get stuck in jobs that are convenient, jobs that we don’t necessarily want but they accepted us so you stick it out. Life is too short to wake up Monday morning wishing it were the weekend already. That doesn’t have to be you and these books can help you understand that.


Looking forward to this upcoming year and I hope everyone else is as well, but just remember, you don’t have to wait for a New Year to make a big change…everyday starts a new year.




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