What in the Jicama are you talking about?!

Jicama ( pronounced hee-cama) is also known as a Mexican Yam Bean and originated in the Mexican Peninsula. It’s texture is similar to a turnip but with a hint of sweetness like an apple. They are low in calories yet high in important nutrients. The fiber in a jicama is inulin which has zero calories and is not metabolized in the body.


The nutrition facts in one cup are:

Calories 49

Protein 1g

Carbs 11g, Fiber 6g and Sugar 2g.


Great cooked in stir-fries or soup. Think of the jicama though the next time you want to have something crunchy like chips or crackers to accompany your favorite salsa or guacamole. You will save yourself from the added calories and unhealthy fats typically found in these types of snacks. The peel is thick, tough and inedible so it must be peeled. When shopping, look for firm, round tubers and store them in a cool, dark place. If stored too long, the starch will convert into sugar, so eat’m up!


1. Wash like a potato.






2. Cut off the top and bottom to create a flat






3. Remove the tough, inedible peeling with a
sharp paring knife.






4. Chop, cube or slice into sticks.









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