Why You Should Train Like an Athlete: Part 1



If you’re an athlete in this day and age, training is an integral part of your life. Not only are you asked to perfect your sport-specific skills through practice (BTW, practice makes permanent, not perfect…article to come soon), you also have to develop the abilities within those skills to become the best basketball player, football player, golfer, sprinter or dancer that you can be.


50 years ago, you could count the number of athletes on your hand that did resistance training or speed training or jump training or agility training on a regular basis. And we’re talking professional athletes. Baseball coaches, for instance, believed that lifting weights got their players too bulky and “muscle bound”. That ideology carried over into many other sports realms. But now coaches and athletes alike understand that if they’re not lifting heavy, running extra sprints, jumping more or climbing around then they will be well behind the proverbial 8 ball.


So why is it so important for athletes to do extra training to become better at their sport, but not important for a 50-year old banker to do the same?! Well, he’s not training for a sport, right?!


We all begin life the same way and end life the same (although, in different capacities). Somewhere along the life continuum, we decide which path we are going to take so that we can live the lifestyle we want. Some become realtors or gardeners or bankers, and others become race car drivers or lawyers or pro athletes. Some of families and children and grandchildren and some don’t. In all of this, we are all striving to survive and live. And, although professional athletes are training to become better at their sport (which is their chosen occupation), they aren’t the only ones who have something to train for.


Life is the ultimate sport, is it not? I mean, how often do you have to pick things up, or cut the grass, or paint your walls, or help your baby that fell over and bumped his head, or get your parents out of their chair (you’re starting to see my point, hopefully). These are all instances in which we have to be prepared and be able to perform. And quality performance comes from quality training.


Running, jumping, skipping, lifting and climbing are not just things that are relegated to the professionals, these are things we should all be able to do, whether you’re 13, 30, or 80. No matter what path you choose, we are all striving to be the best at our sport. Depending on how well you train will determine how well you perform and also how long you will last in your sport.


We are all trying to last as long as we can in this thing called life, afterall.


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