Why you’re having bad workouts….and what you can do about it!


Sometimes you just don’t feel quite up to par. Your body doesn’t move as well as it was last week and your energy level crashes quick. This can be frustrating, and stressing about it will do nothing but enhance the issues. There are a few things that you can change to help bring your workouts back up when you feel like they’ve been lacking. Here’s a little list (in no particular order). Give each one a try and see what happens:


1) Park Bench VS Bus Bench Workouts


This is a very simple concept yet important concept………..also one that people have a hard time grasping. If you would like the extended version of this, you can read more HERE. Basically, you have Park Bench workouts (easy workouts) and Bus Bench workouts (hard workouts). When you tend to do too many Bus Bench workouts, especially in times of stress (busy at work, Holidays, In-laws are coming over), your body will wear down quick. Getting in a few Park Bench workouts will get you back on track. And no, this is NOT going to set you back……movement is movement.


2) Get Your Sleep!


Yet another easy concept but one that is sooo easily overlooked. There are 4 things your body needs to function: food, water, oxygen and SLEEP. The only one that will kill you faster if you go without it is oxygen. A short list of possible side effects of chronic sleep deprivation include:



Shoot for 7-9 hours…..once you hit about 25 years old, more than 9 hours can be damaging also.


3) Nutrient Timing


Our nutritionist, Treves, just wrote an article about carbohydrate timing which you can find HERE. Loading your body with carbs in the morning will almost always lead to blood sugar crashes and low energy later in the day. Save the carbs for late afternoon and evening, AFTER your workout.


It’s usually just a small tweak you need to make when your workouts are going sour. Don’t get too fancy and try to overload your body with artificial energy (energy drinks, pre-workout drinks, etc.). Take some simple steps to get awesome results.



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